Cultureneering: Culture, Diversity and Customer Service

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CULTURENEERING = Building a strong business culture in a diverse workforce that delivers obsessive customer service

Are you a leader who aims to drive real growth for the people within your organisation and at the same time deliver exceptional customer service that sets you apart from your competitors?

Running a business in a racially polarised country with a melting pot of diversity, requires leaders to understand the complexity of building an inclusive culture out of a fragmented workforce. A strong culture is not only focused on chasing financial objectives, but is based on trust, equality, respect and mutual tolerance. When every employee has a true sense of belonging, despite their differences, it is possible to create a common purpose of obsessive customer service.

Cultureneering is a philosophy and framework that Ian Fuhr has spent four decades developing, and which he perfected while building the Sorbet Group, Africa’s largest beauty salon chain. This book takes the reader on a journey of personal development and unpacks the unbreakable link between culture and service. It reveals the tools required to build a company culture that is good for its people, its customers and, ultimately, for sustainable growth.

Leaders need to embrace this culture-driven approach to business leadership as it promises to play an important role in the overall transformation of our country’s workforce.

IAN FUHR is a serial entrepreneur and founder of the Sorbet Group of companies and, most recently, The Hatch Institute. The institute is a coaching and consulting business that is helping business owners and leadership teams across South Africa discover the transformative power of Cultureneering.

‘Ian taught me the valuable lesson that, without the right culture, businesses cannot effectively serve their customers.’ – ANDILE KHUMALO, founder of I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR


6 reviews for Cultureneering: Culture, Diversity and Customer Service

  1. Tsholofelo

    When I heard you were launching this book, I had to get it. In my journey of leadership, I am so thankful I came across this book that taught me it’s okay to be a black female in corporate South Africa. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, I belong and I have my own uniqueness to bring to corporate SA. Through the vulnerability you show in this book – and we all know talking about race is not an easy thing, we walk around it on eggshells – I will forever be eternally grateful that you wrote this book that shows me I can grow up to be an exceptional leader that touches people wherever I go.

  2. brento77

    This book is the ultimate guide for anyone who is interested in building a strong culture in their business. Even though its a business book, Fuhr makes it easy understand and provides practical ways to follow. A highly recommended book in a post pandemic world, where culture and service will make or break your business.

  3. DM

    An incredible and thoughtful exploration of important issues, opportunities and the true potential of South Africa. A privilege to read, and a legacy to experience. WHAT A BOOK! Highly recommended for anybody.

  4. Nadine

    Ian’s passion shines through on every page of this book. He expertly proves how important culture is in delivering obsessive customer service and shows how it is impossible to build a strong culture without addressing race. Cultureneering finds the perfect balance between Ian’s personal stories, insights and experiences and the ‘how to’ actions that leadership teams can take to build their own strong cultures. It’s an eye-opening, inspiring, (sometimes devastating), insightful and entertaining read. This is a MUST READ for every South African. Thank you Ian!

  5. TiffanyK

    I’ve read every one of Ian’s books, they never disappoint. And this one is just as important and meaningful. Thoroughly enjoyed it

  6. Marks Ntsoko

    I really never knew about this book until I attended Ian Fuhr’s recent webinar where he was interviewing Roelf Meyer, and I won a free copy of the book in the competition at the end of the webinar. I’m thankful for having decided to attend that webinar and winning the book because it has enriched me and opened a world of knowledge that I believe every South African, and certainly the business community should be exposed to and be aware of. Ian is a true South African, and a true patriot. He articulates very clearly and methodically how different races and cultures under this rainbow nation can harmonise their relationship in a business working environment and formulate a cultureneering framework to achieve a common purpose for the business or the organisation to which they belong. How important it is for business leaders not to underestimate cultural differences, but rather to harmonize these differences into an amicable cauldron of cultures that are interdependent and collaborative for a common goal. I am forever grateful that I have come across such a book that has profusely enriched my knowledge to pass on those that I may have a chance to influence. Thank you Ian for selflessly sharing with us your journey and enriching our lives!

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