Change begins with you

Exceptional leaders build exceptional businesses

Your business needs you to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be. As an entrepreneur, this makes personal growth a business imperative.

To guide you in this journey, we have designed a series of personal coaching tools and seminars, as well as an entrepreneurial networking and support group, called the Hatch Club. You can choose between everything we offer, or only the elements that suit your current needs.

Personal Coaching


While most coaches focus on either personal coaching or business coaching, we are unique in how we link personal growth to business leadership.

Leadership Coaching


Culture-Driven Leadership places people development and community building at the heart of your business culture to achieve growth.

Personal Coaching: The journey to becoming an exceptional human being

Our goal is to groom entrepreneurs to cope in the South African social, political and economic landscape, which we know is a highly volatile melting pot of diversity.

We don’t coach based on theory, but on decades of hard-won business lessons.

The creator of Culture-Driven Leadership, Ian Fuhr, has built his market-leading businesses based on these principles.

If you want the moral authority to lead, you need to transform yourself before you can positively impact your business.

Join us on a four-phase process of self-discovery, transformation and growth


The Discovery

Self-discovery and awareness


The Turmoil

Leaving your comfort zone


The Letting Go

Flushing away the things that have blocked your growth


The ‘New Me’

Plotting the road map to an exceptional you

Leadership Coaching: Build an extraordinary business

Building on from your personal leadership journey, the principles of Culture-Driven Leadership are based on decades of experience growing market-leading businesses across different sectors.

Ian Fuhr, the designer of Culture-Driven Leadership, has based these principles on a deep belief that they helped him to build Sorbet into a brand that not only spanned the whole of South Africa, but changed the lives of thousands of employees (and customers).

Culture-Driven Leadership places people development and community building at the heart of your business culture. It’s based on the simple idea that the purpose of work is to serve the needs and wants of people, and that service is the foundation of everything in both life and work.

If service is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you

Your challenge is to become a trusted and respected servant of your people.

This will give you the moral authority to lead and your team will follow you.

Through building a solid foundation of upliftment and common purpose, your business will thrive.

Are you ready to transform your organisation?

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