Become a market leader with the Hatch CultureneeringTM Programme

The business case for a new breed of Leader

Business as usual is no longer working. If we want to turn the economy around and build a South Africa where businesses and employees across the socio-economic divide win, we need a new breed of leader. We need culture-driven leadership.

At the Hatch Institute, we have developed a holistic CultureneeringTM Programme that will give you the roadmap your organisation needs to achieve meaningful change that results in obsessive customer service, increased customer loyalty and healthy profits.

A Snap Culture Audit to determine the current state of your company culture and where you need to be

Full team workshop: Introduction to the Culture of Service

Personal and leadership coaching for selected individual leaders of the business

Leadership workshops: Becoming a Culture-Driven Leader

Full team workshops: Culture and community

Full team workshops: Obsessive customer service

Full team workshops: Race Relations and overcoming workplace racism

Snap Culture Audits: Understanding where your business is – and where it needs to be

In order to understand the people issues that are negatively impacting on performance and productivity in your organisation, it’s important to conduct a Snap Culture Audit to establish a ‘temperature check’ of your company’s culture.

The Culture Audit is a snap survey of both leaders and employees to test their attitudes and perceptions relating to:

Vision and core purpose

Leadership style


Leadership/staff relationships

Race relations

Cultural diversity

Gender issues

Leadership help and support

Training and development

Customer service

Culture Audit Options

One-one leadership interviews

Focus Groups from selected levels of the organisation

Individual online surveys (optional)

For the leadership team

Workshop: Introduction to Culture and Service

Key objectives:

  • An examination of the culture audit results with recommendations.
  • Develop your Reason for Being and Core Values.
  • Understand the leadership journey on a personal level to become Culture-Driven Leaders and to help drive the cultureneering programme.
  • An in-depth exploration into the impact of the socio-political environment on the company’s corporate culture and on its performance and productivity.
  • The development of a people-focused culture including Culture-Driven Leadership, Common Purpose, Community Building, Obsessive Customer Service,
  • Creation of a short and long-term Culture Roadmap (Strategy) to keep the culture alive and to drive it through the entire organization.

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Personal and Leadership Coaching

Life coaching: The Personal ‘Journey to Exceptional’

The purpose of the personal ‘Journey’ is to move towards becoming an exceptional human being who can then positively influence the lives of all the people they interact with.

The individual’s journey is critical to their leadership requirements. You cannot expect to influence a culture if you haven’t shown a willingness to change yourself and earn the moral authority to lead.

Personal Mastery:  The Culture-Driven Leadership Journey

Culture-Driven Leaders are groomed to be able to cope with the complexities of our socio-political landscape and to create a working environment of respect, tolerance and trust between the different sectors of the population. An environment in which people have a sense of belonging and build a common purpose towards obsessive customer service. Leadership authority is no longer about power, position or status but rather about earning the moral authority to lead.

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Workshops: Culture-Driven Leadership

Key objectives:

  • The principles of Culture-Driven Leadership and the Moral Authority to Lead
  • Serving the people who are serving the people
  • Understanding the purpose of work
  • Creating a common purpose for all the people in the company
  • Getting buy-in for your vision of the future
  • Growing people by developing their skills and knowledge
  • Building self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of self-worth in the community?
  • Creating a place of safety in which people feel free to speak their minds without fear of victimisation
  • Moving people from being ‘I specialists’ to ‘Contributors’
  • Building a community of respect and acceptance amongst all the different races, cultures, religions and genders
  • Inspiring people to motivate themselves

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For the entire organisation

Workshops: Culture and Community

The process of Culture Change cannot be driven by the leadership team alone. It must become the heartbeat of the entire organisation.

Key objectives:

  • Understanding the South African social, political and economic landscape
  • Through some experiential learning, examining the issues that arise from the Diversity Melting Pot and workplace polarization
  • Understanding the true purpose of work
  • Arriving at a common purpose for the entire organization
  • Exploring the concepts of the ‘I Specialist’ and the ‘Contributor’
  • Understanding the importance of personal growth in the overall process
  • Understanding the concept of paradigms and unconscious biases and how they have shaped your life
  • Letting go of personal stumbling blocks and overcoming fears and lack of self-belief
  • Building a strong workplace community that is founded on trust and respect
  • Learning about the power of effective listening
  • Developing respect for the views of those people who differ from you
  • Creating a mind-set of obsessive customer service.

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Workshops: Obsessive Customer Service

These workshops are designed to take customer service to another level in order to differentiate your company from the competition.

Key objectives:

  • Understanding your ‘reason for being’
  • Creating a service culture that will exceed the expectations of the customer
  • Placing the customer at the center of your world
  • Aligning the needs of the customer with the goals of the company
  • Plotting the detailed Customer Journey through all the points of customer contact
  • Viewing complaints as a ‘gift’
  • Service and attitude – the perfect marriage
  • The need for customer loyalty… not customer satisfaction
  • Becoming legendary for the lengths you will go to keep your customers happy and loyal.

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Workshops: Understanding and overcoming racial bias

These virtual workshops help teams overcome their racial biases in order to effectively work together from a place of mutual respect.

  • Attendees will dig into their past and identify how both their conscious and unconscious biases were developed
  • They will be exposed to the true history of South Africa and the issue of systemic racism
  • They will learn about
    • Paradigms and unconscious bias
    • The differences between prejudice, discrimination, and racism
    • White privilege and Black Economic Empowerment
    • The impact of racism on productivity and service
    • The impact of race relations on corporate culture
    • Diversity and inclusion
    • The importance of a sense of belonging and common purpose in the company
  • They will develop a plan to challenge their own biases and develop ways to overcome them.
  • They will discover what they can each do to make a difference.

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