(Reflections of apartheid – 1995)

A poem by Ian Fuhr

Did I raise my voice when others were not heard

Did I break the laws to prove they were absurd

Did I opt for silence or just silence the options.


Did I remove the thorns from an unjust education

Did I answer the cries of a tormented nation

Did I fail to act or simply act to fail


Did I stand up against inhuman behaviour

Did I even consider becoming a saviour

Did I neglect to challenge or even challenge the neglect


Did I bow and grovel to the whims of the obsessed

Did I play dark games with the minds of the oppressed

Did I forget to choose or merely choose to forget


Have I reached that place of travel where the truth can now be told

Am I ready to say I’m sorry or is that too much…..too bold

Can I finally, humbly, courageously, gracefully be truthful to the truth!!

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