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Ian Fuhr

Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of the Sorbet Group

Ian Fuhr introduces the Hatch Institute. Welcome to a community of like-minded individuals who are united in our desire to support business owners like yourself through both your personal and business growth journeys.

Based on 80 years of combined experience in building businesses and coaching business leaders to be the best versions of themselves, we have developed a Culture-Driven Leadership model that will help you transform your organisation into a purpose-built business.

We recognise that running a business in the complex and volatile South African socio-political and economic landscape requires a unique approach. Race relations require our urgent attention if we want to build sustainable, profitable businesses that can support the needs of our customers, employees, and South Africa’s economy.

Over and above traditional leadership abilities, the Culture-Driven Leader needs extraordinary skill to create a strong culture of service in a highly diverse workplace.

Find out more about how Ian built the Sorbet Group into South Africa’s largest beauty salon brand through his cultureneeringTM methodology here.

Successful businesses are built from the right materials

At the Hatch Institute, our philosophy is that successful organisations must be built on a service culture strategy. Through our CultureneeringTM methodology and coaching and leadership programmes, we build Culture-Driven Leaders that are able to navigate and support race relations within their organisations, enabling them to create and lead South Africa’s top-performing businesses.


Learn to create a culture that supports people and drives obsessive customer service.


When exceptional service is delivered, customers become passionate about your brand.


When you get to the heart of inclusion and diversity, you can build a sustainable business.


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